Fat Loss & Your Bank Account

When most people talk about dieting and nutrition, they focus on the hard stuff like their metabolism, their low thyroid, nutrient timing etc. etc. etc.…. Yes, that stuff is important - I would never argue otherwise. But what most people severely overlook is the SKILL of dieting. More specifically, the actual skill of what it takes to become a successful dieter. Dieting, and fitness as a whole, is a skill set. It's not *just* about calories and hormones and metabolism. It's also about your relationship with food. It’s your history with dieting and body image. It's way more about your habits and emotions and the mental side of the equation than a number on the scale.

Truth is, for most people it takes a lot of trial and error and repeated failures to get to a point where you can find out what works best for you.

The skill of fat loss and nutrition takes time to create - just like a bank account. You start at zero and, for a while, you need to make sacrifices. Make a whole lot of "deposits" without getting much in return. But slowly, over time, the more you deposit the more wiggle room you’ll have. The more you can indulge without stressing. The more you can "cheat" without bingeing. The faster you can get right back on track and maintain your progress without going backwards.

It's a skill. It's a process. It takes a lot of time and effort and dedication and patience. But just like saving and investing your money, it's worth it. Because every deposit you make today, will lead you one step closer to a better relationship with food and health and your body tomorrow.


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